We’re entering an exciting launch year – not the least of which is Windows 7 – a smooth, snappy operating system I’ve been enjoying on several business and personal computers for several months.


Quick sidebar: I made the mistake of loading Win7 on only one of my three children’s computers – which happened to be the oldest machine as well, a 5+ year old Dell tower.  The other two children are constantly clamoring for me to upgrade their machines now as well, having felt slighted at me overlooking their "advanced" computing needs…


Back to the topic at hand.  In the hoopla of Windows 7 launch, it’s important for our Education customers to keep their eye on some of the other announcements we’re making in the world of “Live”.  I’d like to share a prime example with yesterday’s announcement of the global availability of the new Windows Live Movie Maker. With the new Windows Live Movie Maker, it’s easier than ever to turn videos and photos into great-looking movies and slideshows, using many popular camera types and file formats on the market today.  With the proliferation of media and visualization use in the classroom, Movie Maker is more than just an effective tool for teachers to bring the benefits of multimedia to the classroom - it can help engage students and increase retention.


When we think about how students and teachers interact, one of the key enhancements that stands out is the sharing capability. Once a movie is complete, the collaboration and interaction can begin immediately and seamlessly – with other teachers, students or even friends and family across TV, PC or mobile device or by uploading them to video-sharing sites. 


Teachers and students – anyone for that matter – can download the new Windows Live Movie Maker for free by going to download.live.com.  Enjoy!