Im Vorfeld des SQL Server 2008-Launch wird das Rauschen im Blätterwald immer lauter. Und es ist ein angenehmer, weil sehr positiver, Lärm. Hier zwei meiner Lieblingsbeiträge:

SQL Server Magazine - Artikel: SQL Server as a Data Platform . . . Finally.

"(...) but I have to admit that I haven’t found anything negative about the upcoming release. In fact, SQL Server 2008 is the destination that previous SQL Server versions have been working toward."

"Being a data platform sets SQL Server 2008 apart from the competing database products and further establishes the new version as the innovative leader in a highly competitive enterprise database market. And unlike the competing enterprise database platforms, Microsoft will continue to bundle BI capabilities into its SQL Server releases with no additional licensing costs." - Artikel: Microsoft To Prolong Database Pricing Battle with SQL Server 2008

Anhand einiger neuer Funktionalitäten stellt dieser Artikel interessante Preisvergleiche zwischen SQL Server 2008 und Oracle 11g an, z.B.:

“Some features [in SQL Server 2008] are catch-up—others are leap-frog,” he (Donald Feinberg, Gartner; Anm. d. Red.) said. “Partitioned aligned index views, for example. Although File Streams are like Oracle’s Secure Files, that only came out in 11g in August and 2008 with Microsoft. That would not be catch-up. (...) But there is still the matter of cost, he said, noting Microsoft has row and column compression in 2008 at no charge, while Oracle’s Advanced Compression is a chargeable option in 11g."

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posted by Martin Zimmermann