Hummm… This was timely. : )

I can finally give you the link to the CTP release of Exchange SP2!  The overview page of Exchange 2003 SP2 is right here - it details all the new features and functions of the Service Pack...

Main points of interest are:

  • Seamless Direct Push to Mobile 5 devices
  • Better compression for lower data transfer to mobile devices
  • Synchronized Tasks (instead of just calendar, inbox and contacts)
  • Control of remote devices (policy settings, Local and Remote Wipe)
  • Improved Intelligent Message Filter SPAM control
  • Support for Sender ID
  • Exchange Standard Mailbox Store INCREASED from 16 GB to 75 GB!!! (AWESOME)
  • Refined offline addressbook format
  • Full support for GroupWise 6 connectors and migration tools

I've seen all these options in action at the various conferences I've been at over the last month. I can't wait to get my hands on it to demo to you all on the next tour or during a Canadian Webcast in the near future. I do have some GOOD news for those of you who what to see this for yourself - one piece of what you need to enable Push email delivery to a Windows Mobile 5 device using your Exchange 2003 infrastructure has been released to a Community Technology Preview today!

This is Pre-Release code and should not be used in a production environment (i.e. Keep it in your testing environment for now!). It is provided to you in order to start your testing and configuration / implementation planning. Some of its features will require access to Windows Mobile 5 devices or Outlook 2003 SP2 (not released yet) which may not be readily available to you at this time. For some more information before you register for the download can be read in the online Release Notes.

Now where did I put that Windows Mobile 5 device ....  : )