There will be lots of blog posts up about this, but I can't resist to join in the blog fodder. I am not really a fan of link blogging, but this is worth putting up for you all to use as a resource. 

SP1 was signed off and delivered by the dev team in Redmond earlier today.  The links are starting to come up on the website and the official released code is now available to the public!

Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1 Home on

TechNet Information centre on SP1 for Server 2003

The Service Pack DL link

But even more interesting are some pre-recorded TechNet WebCasts put on by the great US TechNet team (part of my teams "extended family" in the MS world).  Get out the popcorn and (insert drink of your choice), sit back and listen and watch these informative sessions all about SP1.

Happy birthday SP1.

Now where is my x64 based machine....... :)