Cannot open or create word documents in SharePoint 2013 with Office 2010 and Project 2013

Cannot open or create word documents in SharePoint 2013 with Office 2010 and Project 2013

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I wanted to share an issue I came across related to the SharePoint 2013. If you have installed the Office Suite 2010 and Project 2013 installed together on the same machine you will not be able to create a new Office document from the SharePoint document library, you will get a blank page displayed instead and the following URL link

ms-word:nft|u|http://o15psvr:8080/Shared Documents/Forms/template.dotx|s|http://o15psvr:8080/Shared Documents

 Excel Files :  "ms-excel:ofv|u|http://sharePointDocumentlibraryURL"


This problem is related to the new Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Support this installs a new version that office 2010 is not aware of.

Here are the steps to fix the problem:


You have to change your installation of Project2013 and run the Repair of the Office 2010. The issue is linked to the New Microsoft SharePoint Foundation support which Project 2013 is installing.


To do so run the change Project
Professional from the control Panel


Disable the “Microsoft
SharePoint Foundation Support “ option and continue.



After the changes take effect run the Office 2010 Repair and the issue should be solved.


  • I had the same problem after installing SharePoint Designer 2013.  I tried your fix but it did not solve the problem.  Uninstalling SharePoint Designer corrected the problem, but as soon as the designer was reinstalled (even not including SP Foundation Support) the problem returns.

    Thanks for your help

  • Worked after reinstalling MS office 32 bit version instead of MS office 64 bit version

  • @Arnie Ostrin

    Did you ever solve the problem with SP Designer 2013?

    I ran into exact same problem today :-/

  • hi, i solved the problem as i copy-paste the 2013 office' OWSSUPP.dll into 2010 office.

    exact location for OWSSUPP.dll is c:\program files(x86)\microsoft office\office14 for office 2010

    c:\program files\microsoft office\office15 for office 2013

  • Thank you!

    I had MS Visio and uninstalling SharePoint Foundation Support/running Office 2010 repair worked!

  • This problem exists with any mixture of Office 2013 apps and Office 2010 apps. For example, SharePoint Designer 2013, Lync 2013 (from Office 365, for example), Project 2013. All of them will break Office 2010 applications. There is a bug in the Microsoft installer that assumes all apps are 2013 if any 2013 components exist. Microsoft needs to fix this. Essentially Office 2010 is "incompatible" with SharePoint 2013. Even with the prescribed work-around from above, you will be unable to create any Office content such as Word templates or InfoPath forms with Office 2010 against SharePoint 2013.

  • The solution is install Service Pack 2 de Office 2010 :) Finally, I can have Project Server 2013 and SharePoint Designer 2013.

  • I can also confirm Office 2010 SP2 resolves this issue. You may need to run a few updates before you get to see it on your Windows Update list.

  • Thanks Angelos for the confirmation, didn't had time lately to test it myself

  • Work with word docs with the help of repair corrupted doc file

  • Also can confirm: Office 2010 Service Pack 2 solved the issue. Thank you for the suggestion Miluska Cruz

  • Thanks a lot. It helped. But in my case it was not a Project2013 but Lynk2013.

  • Hi tried the repair option on both SharePoint designer 2013 and Office 2010 which had no effect. The SP2 for Office 2010 32-bit did .. and back to developing on my own farm - can now open the requirements docs lol!

  • I will also confirm that Office 2010 SP2 corrects the issue. I have the 64bit edition, I uninstalled SkyDrive Pro, installed SP2 for Office, then reinstalled SkyDrive Pro. Documents open as expected and SkyDrive Pro is working as expected.

  • Thanks for your help. We have several users using Office 2007 and disabling the “Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Support“ option worked.

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