The Professional Developers Conference (PDC) starts on November 17 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Developers from all over the world come to learn about what is new in the development platforms.

This year we will start the event with a keynote from Ray Ozzie starting at 8.30 am PST (UTC-8) and the second day we will continue with keynotes from Scott Guthrie, Kurt DelBene and a special guest. All of these will be broadcasted live on-line using IIS 7 and IIS Live Smooth Streaming.

We expect to have a great representation of the Microsoft Web Platform. In addition to the breakout sessions we will have some great additional content that will help you gain a deeper knowledge on the platform.

I look forward to meeting you in person at the Expo Pavilion –look for the Internet Information Services booth-.

Breakout sessions:

Sessions available at the Expo Pavilion:





11/17/09 11:00am

What's New in IIS and the Microsoft Web Platform

The Microsoft Web Platform is becoming an increasingly powerful set of technologies for building Web applications and services. In this session, you will learn how to use the new Web Platform Installer to more quickly develop, deploy, and host ASP.NET and PHP Web applications. You will also see how server administrators can use IIS 7.5 in Windows Server 2008 R2 - with built-in support for .NET on Server Core - and new IIS extensions to simplify Web server configuration and management.

Raúl Eduardo González

11/17/09 12:00pm

Extending Expression Encoder

An informal discussion about the experience of building apps with Expression Encoder’s SDK:  Demos will include enhancing Expression Encoder with Powershell, distributed peer-to-peer encoding and publishing content to the Windows Azure CDN-enabled blob store.

James Clarke

11/17/09 1:00pm

Deep Dive on Bing Maps Silverlight Control

The Bing Maps Platform has grown immensely over the past year from our Bing Maps AJAX Map Control to our Bing Maps Web Services and now our Bing Maps Silverlight Control. Come and join us as we take you on a tour of all the features and dig deep into the code to show you how to build your own Bing Maps applications in Silverlight.

Keith Kinnan

11/18/09 11:00am

Deep Dive into WPF4 Multi-Touch APIs

We’ll look closely at WPF4’s multi-touch platform to build first class multi-touch user experiences. We will discuss the details of manipulation and inertia events, integrating multi-touch experience with existing controls, raw touch events and building on extensible touch devices. 

Anson Tsao

11/18/09 12:00pm

Demystifying SEO with the IIS SEO Toolkit

The IIS SEO Toolkit, is a brand new tool from Microsoft that takes the guesswork out of SEO to build the best quality and easiest to find Web sites on the Internet. We'll show features for gaining site intelligence through built in reporting and error identification for broken/invalid links, duplicate content and tag validation. Best of all, you can customize it so you can plug in your own rules and customizations to make the IIS Search Engine Optimizer the complete answer to your SEO needs.

Mark Brown

11/18/09 1:00pm

Super Cool Microsoft Ajax Tricks & Tips

Learn some of the advanced tricks of the new Microsoft Ajax Library. In this talk, you learn how to take advantage of many of the advanced features of Microsoft Ajax such as recursive templates, dynamic templates, and dynamic placeholders

Stephen Walther

11/18/09 2:00pm

Panel Discussion: Open Source Software + ASP.NET

Join us in this panel discussion on open source and ASP.NET. Hosted by Scott Hanselman, Sara Ford, Bertrand LeRoy, Glenn Block, Clemens Vasters, and Shaun Walker will be there to answer your questions and ask you some too.


11/19/09 10:00am

Bing Maps APIs

Bing Maps is a cutting edge geographic-based data visualization platform with several interfaces for integrating maps into your own applications and web sites. Come learn about what’s new with the different Bing Maps APIs and gain a full overview of the platform from the penultimate Bing Maps blogger and mapping expert, Microsoft’s Chris Pendleton.

Chris Pendleton

11/19/09 11:00am

Prototyping with SketchFlow

Using and extending Expression Blend and its prototyping vocabulary

Christian Schormann

11/19/09 12:00pm

Expression Blend for Developers

See a walkthrough of how Expression Blend can be used to design rich user experiences for Silverlight and WPF.

DoRon Motter