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  • Blog Post: How's the New TechNet Home & Cloud Design Strike You?

    Last week, TechNet launched its new home and hub design, a Metro-friendly editorialized home page design for the site and new themed topic pages, such as TechNet.com/cloud . It's received some positive and some negative feedback. In particular, we received an anonymous complaint about the site "having...
  • Blog Post: Thinking about deployment with the IT Pros

    Tech*Ed is off and running after a day of poor connectivity caused by unknown forces. Apparently much of the Net was down regionally, so connectivity from the New Orleans Convention Center was bad to non-existent most of the day on Monday. The TechNet Edge and Channel 9 teams, however, managed to switch...
  • Blog Post: Top five things IT Pros at Tech*Ed want from TechNet

    Two days in the TechNet booth at Tech*Ed (and six autographed copies of Ric Merrifield's ReThink later), there has been a lot of great feedback on the site. If you can't be here to talk with us, let me share some of what I'm hearing IT Pros want, so please chime in with your thoughts here. 1.) Search...
  • Blog Post: See the future, today

    Keith Combs is about to pull the covers off the TechNet 2.0 design in a series of podcasts (click to subscribe with RSS) with John Martin, who leads the TechNet group at Microsoft. The new TN breaks in mere weeks.
  • Blog Post: Entering Microsoft

    Today is my 15th day at Microsoft. Having been around the company, covering it as a journalist, negotiating with it as a partner and customer, and generally living in the world that Bill Gates had a huge hand in building, my "on-boarding" has been an eye-opening experience. Microsoft is a company that...