Tech*Ed is off and running after a day of poor connectivity caused by unknown forces. Apparently much of the Net was down regionally, so connectivity from the New Orleans Convention Center was bad to non-existent most of the day on Monday. The TechNet Edge and Channel 9 teams, however, managed to switch their streams to a satellite connection to keep the video programming on-the-air, and you can watch here.

My goal here at the show is to listen as carefully as possible to customers, IT Pros who are navigating the Win7/Office and SharePoint 2010 migration process and anticipating the use of the cloud in their forward-looking planning.

I spent the afternoon yesterday in the Weapons of Mass Deployment birds of a feather session, learning from the questions being asked that TechNet has much to do to make its content practical and actionable. The heterogeneous nature of contemporary IT infrastructure. It was great to see Bob Muglia talking about this in his keynote on Monday morning, and the IT people gathered to hear about deployment tips and tricks in the Weapons session clearly see their jobs as dealing with multi-product solutions rather than one product at a time, as we present it on TechNet.

What do you think, should we be looking at multi-product solutions content as a key initiative for TechNet going forward? We'd blend content from different TechCenters to make actionable planning, support and training programs available from a single page.

Stop by the TechNet booth in the Microsoft Resource Center today, if you are at Tech*Ed, and let's talk. I'm giving away three more autographed copies of Ric Merrifield's book, ReThink. Ric's going to be a regular contributor to TechNet starting next week.