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About Ratcliffe's Ruminations


About Ratcliffe's Ruminations

Photo credit: David SifryI'm veteran journalist and serial entrepreneur who recently joined Microsoft's Server & Tools Online group as principal program manager to lead the design and development of future versions of TechNet. This is where I'll be discussing the ideas driving TechNet design, innovation in support and IT Pro services, as well as the mysteries of social metrics.

You might know my work from ZD Net or, way back, Digital Media: A Seybold Report, PCWEEK or MacWEEK. I cofounded BuzzLogic, developing the early versions of its networked conversational influence algorithm, as well as lead the financial news team at ON24 during the heyday of the Internet Bubble. I've been an advisor to Audible Inc., Socialtext, Technorati, TheDigs.com, SportsGistSongSlide, SparkWords, BeRelevant, EarthWeb (Developer.com) and other startups; while working at SoftBank, I led the first round of investment in Match.com parent Electric Classifieds Inc., where I served on the board for three years.

I enjoy spending time with my family, reading, philosophy, baseball and the intricacies of technology and the business opportunities it creates. My other blogs are BooksAhead, RatcliffeBlog (basically just a lifestream these days) and NWDiamondNotes, which Jake Ludington and I co-author on matters of baseball in Seattle and the Northwest.