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  • Blog Post: Back Live on Zeollar from Today!

    Thanks for the fantastic participation in Tech Ed India 2010 in Bengaluru! I am right back LIVE on from today. Watch my live demo sessions on : Technorati Tags: Zeollar , security , RODC
  • Blog Post: Virtualization with Hyper-V – Know the basics

    Hyper-V Terminology Term Functionality Windows Hypervisor Windows Hypervisor is a software interface that sits between the physical hardware and one or more Operating Systems. It controls access to a core set of hardware and guarantees isolation between the partitions, enforces...
  • Blog Post: Virtual Hard Disk (VHD) Architecture explained

    A virtual hard disk (VHD) is a file that encapsulates a hard disk image. VHDs can be used in new and interesting ways. VHDs first were created to be the storage media for virtual machines (VMs). Today, VHDs are used to ship trial versions of software, used in backup solutions, used for bug triage (e...
  • Blog Post: How LIVE MIGRATION works in Hyper-V R2

    The live migration process moves a running VM from the source physical host to a destination physical host as quickly as possible. A live migration is initiated by an administrator through one of the methods listed below. The speed of the process is partially dependent on the hardware used for the source...