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  • Blog Post: Windows 7 fastest selling OS in PC History

    Microsoft CFO says demand for the software will increase further as enterprises upgrade their PCs By Paul McDougall, InformationWeek USA, March 4, 2010, 1230 hrs Microsoft has sold 90 million copies of Windows 7 since the operating system hit the market last October, according to the company's...
  • Blog Post: how windows 7 enables work from anywhere and faster network access

    DirectAccess overcomes the limitations of VPNs by automatically establishing a bi-directional connection from client computers to the corporate network…….. Depending on where the cache is located BranchCache will operate in one of two modes: Distributed Cache or Hosted Cache. The cache is kept on...
  • Blog Post: Back Live on Zeollar from Today!

    Thanks for the fantastic participation in Tech Ed India 2010 in Bengaluru! I am right back LIVE on from today. Watch my live demo sessions on : Technorati Tags: Zeollar , security , RODC
  • Blog Post: Windows Activation Technologies update for Windows 7

    Each year as more and more software products are released into the market, the issue of software piracy becomes larger and more critical. Software piracy in India is prevalent both in the public and private sectors. The use of such software makes businesses more vulnerable to deliberate cyber-attacks...
  • Blog Post: Virtual Hard Disk (VHD) Architecture explained

    A virtual hard disk (VHD) is a file that encapsulates a hard disk image. VHDs can be used in new and interesting ways. VHDs first were created to be the storage media for virtual machines (VMs). Today, VHDs are used to ship trial versions of software, used in backup solutions, used for bug triage (e...
  • Blog Post: Virtual tech days is back – you cant afford to miss it

        Technorati Tags: vtd , virtual techdays , events