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How to enable “Appear Offline” presence status in office communicator?

How to enable “Appear Offline” presence status in office communicator?

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This artcile talks about how can you enable your MOC 2007 to have the status "Appear Offline". Once you have this status, you can set yourself to appear offline while you are online.

By default presence status in your office communicator will look like as follow.

If you want to add more custom status, click here…

I followed this link to set following 4 different status in the office communicator.

There might be times when you want to login in office communicator but you don’t want to appear online. You would like to set the status as “appear offline”. Since you dont have this option by default in MOC 2007, you need to modify following group policy before you could get this option in MOC 2007.

The policy name is “Enable the state Appear Offline” in the group policy. You need to enable it and ensure that the policy gets applied. (You might want to run gpupdate /force after applying this change).

Note: You will get above group policy setting after importing Communicator.adm template in the group policy object.

You can enable “Appear offline” status in office communicator using registry editor as well.

You need to create following registry DWORD and set its value as 1 to enable it.

The DWORD name is EnableAppearOffline, type is REG_DWORD and location is

My Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Communicator.

After making above change, exit from office communicator (from system tray) and relaunch it.

After signing back into Microsoft Office Communicator 2007, you should be able to see “Appear offline” status as follow.

And thats it!!!

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  • Hey Ram, Very usefull info. Is there anyway we could enable the presence unknow Status.

  • Super! You've saved my day. Thank you :)

  • Hello Ram.. im not sure why it isn't working on my mind? do you know the issue behind this? thanks!

  • Doesn't seem to work for MOC 2010.  Any help?

  • I could enable Appear Offline in MOC 2007 but my colleagues who are sure that i will be with logged in MOC in office timings could ping me even if i am appearing offline. This would be embarrassing at times. This is not the case with MOC 2005. Do you know any remedy for this.

  • I tried given options but did not work, i followed below registry modification,



    "EnableAppearOffline "=dword:00000001






  • Tried it in MOC2010... but did not work! any suggestions?

  • Not getting Communicator option  in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft path.. So not able to set the Appear offline setup.. Please help

  • Hey, its not working on windows XP, exactly same as Jose said " not getting option in registry

    if you have any solution please let us know (it very useful for me)



  • Hi,

    How to do it otherwise....for some reason i would like to change to status to "Online" even if i am away or if i lock my system, i would like other persons to see me as online.

    Is there any method ?


  • Here's what you have to do if you have Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 R2:

    Click "Start" button, Choose "Run..." from the list.  In the "Run" Dialog Box, after "Open:" type "regedit" (without the " ") and click OK. Expand "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE", underneath this Expand the "SOFTWARE" folder, go to "Policies" folder and expand that. Go to "Microsoft" folder and expand that. Right Click (assuming your mouse is set to right-handed, otherwise left click) on the "Communicator" folder and select "New" from the list and "DWORD" from the sub list under "New".  This will create a new REG_DWORD that you will name "EnableAppearOffline" (again w/out the " ").  Then hit Enter.  Then Right click on the icon for this newly created REG_DWORD and select "Modify" from the menu. In the "Edit DWORD Value" dialog box that pops up, change the "Value data:" from 0 to 2 and click "OK".  Then Exit out of MOC 2007 R2 from the Systray icon and restart MOC 2007 R2 from the Start Menu.  In my case, that is, Start button, Communication, Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 R2.  However, yours may be in a different subset of your Start Menu (e.g., Start, Programs, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Office Communicator 2007.  Whatever the case, when you restart MOC 2007 R2, you will see you now have the status "Appear Offline" as a choice.  I have found that if one of your co-workers knows you are there they can IM you and it does get through.  I have found this to be beneficial rather than embarrassing, my direct co-workers, I want them to be able to IM me, but the larger corp community generally check my status and don't even bother trying, so it works great for me.

  • Hey, its not working on windows XP, exactly same as Jose said " not getting option in registry

    if you have any solution please let us know (it very useful for me)



  • Hi,

    can anyone help me about this issue??????

    can't change the status of being "available" always

    already tried to manually change the status but i am getting an error message....

    it has something to do with the 2 calendars used in outlook...

    how to solve this problem????

  • Works for me after applying the policies via gpupdate /force

  • hey pls tell what should I do in Lync 2010

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