Microsoft Partner Technical Services can assist you as you sell, deploy and support Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Azure, and Microsoft Hybrid Cloud solutions. When partners use the technical service offerings, they have three times more wins, 40 percent larger deals, and 75 percent more revenue growth on average.

  • Sell: We can help you close more deals through partner focused business and technical consultation before your sale is closed.
  • Deploy: We can help your staff deploy solutions by providing technical content and advice while you work through the design, development, and deployment phases of a customer solutions.
  • Support: We can help you build a support practice and resolve technical roadblocks by providing technical and product support if needed.

See the links below for details about the offerings and assets available to partners for Office 365, Microsoft Azure and Hybrid Cloud solutions.

Sell, Deploy, and Support Microsoft Office 365

Sell, Deploy, and Support the Microsoft Hybrid Cloud

Sell, Deploy, and Support Microsoft Azure