if you’ve been tracking with us in the Windows Store App Development Skill Builder series, you know we’re giving you some online training that is focused on helping you build a Windows Store Application, maybe for the first time.  If you missed the Beginner or Intermediate Series, be sure to spend some time on those topics.

Today, I’m pleased to share with you the Advanced Series.  This is brought to you through the hard work of many people who are passionate about apps.  The topics and presentations in the Advanced videos are some of the best yet. 

In just a few weeks we’ll post the Expert level videos and conclude this series.  If you have ideas or feedback for other video topics you’d like us to cover, send us your feedback PartnerDevFeedback@microsoft.com.  And don’t forget, if you are building an app and need some help, we have Partner Consultants available as a part of your MPN Benefits, just call us at 1-800-MPN-Solve

The videos are below.  For the full experience, click over to the course on the PLC.  For the “light” version the links are embedded on the page.

Happy Developing!


Advanced Part 1

In Advanced Part 1 we'll cover how to work with Live Tiles, Badges, and Notifications.

Full Course on PLC


Advanced Part 2

In Advanced Part 2 we'll cover working with Connectivity in your Windows Store Application.  Topics will include: Accessing REST Services using the Store APIs, Accessing Syndicated Content, Uploading and Downloading Files, and Working with Live Services.

Full Course on PLC

Advanced Part 3

In Advanced Part 3 we'll cover working with the Application Lifecycle and managing Performance in your Windows Store Application.  Topics will include: Managing Application Startup, Background Management, and Resuming you app.

Full Course on PLC


Advanced Part 4

In Advanced Part 4 we'll cover working with Application Data in your Windows Store Application.  Topics will include: Working with Data Management APIs and using Local, Temp, and Roaming Application Data stores.

Full Course on PLC