For customers, who purchased Premier Support we provide hosted labs. I want to share one of the issues we faced and solution for this issue.

The issue symptoms: customer is trying to start hosted lab using Internet Explorer - any version starting with Windows Vista, at some point connection fails and customer gets generic error message. If you try such browser as Chrome connection works and you can work with the lab, however it is so sloooow.

Reason: The problem may be configuration of LAN Manager. LAN Manager has authentication level setting. Some legacy systems as in my case may require NTLM v1 responses only. However hosted labs require NTLM v2 So if you have laptops, policies or training room workstations that have NTLM v1 only setup - then you should work with GPO admin or workstations admin to change this setting at least for the timeframe of training.

Browsers: Chrome works, because it uses HTML5 to render RDP traffic so that's why it is extremely slow. Internet Explorer uses RDP ActiveX and this is really responsive.

NTLM v2 of course has hardened security level so of course IT operations should plan how to upgrade their workstations and legacy systems to support NTLM v2.

Hope that helps!

PS. Big thanks to Sven Kivistik who helped to remediate the issue.

Sėkmės! / Good luck!