Ran into this problem the other day and came accross this solution. We were using Dell Precision machines (390, 650, and 670) with SATA or SCSI drives This failure occurs while capturing the image after the reboot due to missing mass storage drivers. Here is how to resolve this:

To Install Third-Party Mass Storage Drivers

The following example assumes that you are preinstalling the drivers by using a distribution folder and that you have already created the distribution folder.


If it does not already exist, create an $OEM$ folder under your distribution folder. For example:

X :\I386\$OEM$


Create a folder named TEXTMODE under the $OEM$ folder. For example:



Copy the third-party mass storage driver files to this folder. These typically include a Txtsetup.oem file and at least one driver file (.sys file), although there may be more. Copy all the files to the TEXTMODE folder.


Use a text editor such as Notepad to edit the X :\I386\$OEM$\Textmode\Txtsetup.oem file.


Use the following code to configure your Txtsetup.oem file:

[Disks] d1 = "Windows 2003 Driver Set v1.00", w23dsk1, \

Note the backslash character at the end of the second line.


Save the file.


Use a text editor such as Notepad to edit the Unattend.txt file that you are using to perform your unattended installation.


Create the following section:

[MassStorageDrivers] " string that identifies the controller in the [scsi] section of TXTSETUP.OEM " = "OEM"

For example:

[MassStorageDrivers] "Adaptec Ultra160 Family PCI SCSI Controller (29160)" = "OEM"

Note If you also use this same unattend file on computers that have IDE controllers that start by using the in-box drivers (drivers that are included with Windows), add the following code line to the [MassStorageDrivers] section:

"IDE CD-ROM (ATAPI 1.2)/PCI IDE Controller" = "RETAIL"

If you do not add this code, you may receive an "Inaccessible Boot Device" Stop error message during the text mode portion of Setup.


In the Unattend.txt file, create an [OEMBootFiles] section and list the files that you previously copied to the Textmode folder. This typically includes an .inf file, a .sys file, and for Windows 2003 a .cat file. For example:

[OEMBootFiles] Driver.Sys Driver.INF Driver.CAT Txtsetup.oem


Make sure that OemPreinstall=Yes is in the [Unattended] section of your unattend file. If it is not, Setup does not recognize the drivers.



For additional information, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

275334 Error Message: Illegal or Missing File Types Specified in Section Files.SCSI.Name

For additional information about how to configure a Txtsetup.oem file, visit the following Microsoft Web site:



- Carl Sullivan