Does the feature pack support deploying servers?
No. OSD does not officially support deploying servers, it was designed for use with client deployment scenarios. Servers will be fully supported in the next version of SMS.
What is the licensing story for Windows PE?
OSD ships with a version of Windows PE which has been customized for use with the feature pack. This version of Windows PE can only be used with SMS. If you need to create your own version of Windows PE or use it outside of OSD then you must have a Microsoft licensing agreement that allows you to do so.
Does OSD support Windows Vista?
Vista will be supported with an update to the OSD Feature Pack.
Does OSD support 64-bit operating systems?
64-bit operating systems will be supported in the OSD Feature Pack update.
Can I partition disks using OSD?
Yes and no, but mainly no. OSD uses a version of Windows PE that cannot run from RAM. This means that in a normal wipe-and-load scenario that WinPE must run from the local hard disk. This prevents drive partitioning because the disk is locked by the operating system. The exception to this is when deploying a bare-metal machine using a CD or RIS. In this case WinPE is running from the CD or from the network and does not lock the drive, meaning that it could be partitioned. OSD does not provide any built-in partitioning support.
- Carl