March, 2006

  • MOM Reporting server hardware replacement

    Question: Is there a procedure to move MOM Reporting server to another server (Hardware replacement and different computer name) ? The following is a way to do this: 1) If you have any custom reports, export them. 2) Uninstall MOM Reporting....
  • SMS R2 update

    As of this post the SMS 2003 R2 update is in beta. This update is basically an enhancement to allow SMS administrators the ability to publish software updates for non Microsoft software that may be running in their environment along with the ability to...
  • Support for SMS 2.0 ending soon

    It's been a good run but all good things come to an end! :) SMS 2.0 mainstream support will end as of March 2006 so hopefully those still running an SMS 2.0 heirarchy are in full scale upgrade mode moving to SMS 2003!