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Installing Siena apps on Windows RT devices

Installing Siena apps on Windows RT devices

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Siena itself runs on both Windows 8 and Windows RT 8 – includes 8.1. You can author an app in either environment and use it right there, e.g. by pressing F5. However, when you want to publish your app (File | Publish), Siena automatically downloads an installer that works only on Windows 8 (not Windows 8 RT). Therefore, it is necessary to first publish the app on a Windows 8 device and then install it (“side load”) on an RT device. These are the steps (you need to be administrator on both devices):

Windows 8 Device:

  1. Publish your app (File | Publish) to a path you choose. Go to the PublishedPackage folder at the path, run InstallApp.exe to bring up the dialog.

  2. Select Create an app file for sharing, specify a path, press Next. You may be prompted to log into a Microsoft Account to get a free Developer License. This will create a DeploymentPackage folder at the specified path – copy this folder to the RT device.

Windows RT 8 Device:

  1. Open the copied DeploymentPackage folder. Right-click on the Add_AppxPackage.ps1 script in the DeploymentPackage folder and select “Run with PowerShell.” You may be prompted to log into a Microsoft Account to get a free Developer License. This will install your app on the Windows RT 8 device.

  2. On Windows RT 8, the app will appear on your Start screen. On Windows RT 8.1, the app won’t automatically appear on the Start screen – find it by typing its name (i.e. searching for it) when in the Start screen.

  • Great, this worked just fine... :)

  • I followed the instructions correctly as far as I can tell and the app does not install on my 8.1 RT device. I created the app for sharing as instructed in Step 2 of the Windows 8 device instructions. On my 8.1 RT device, I navigated to the deploymentpackage folder and right clicked the Add_AppxPackage file and selected "Run with PowerShell." A window appeared for about 3 seconds, then disappeared. Nothing else has happened. I was not prompted to log into my Microsoft account. Any ideas?

  • Jagged Rocks: Please contact me directly via GAL, so we can help.

  • I read a little more carefully about copying the DeploymentPackage folder to the RT device. I previously only navigated to it through SkyDrive when I attempted to run PowerShell. Once I actually copied the folder onto the desktop of my RT device, it worked exactly as explained above. Thank you so much. I'm stoked to be able to create personal apps to share with family and friends. Soon I hope to publish to the store.

  • Worked great. I would not have been able to do this without Jagged Rocks explanation, as I tried it from my Skydrive Folder as well -- my method of transfer from win 8.1 Asus Laptop to Nokia 2520 RT. I suggest an update to the blog, Vijay indicating that you can't run PS from the skydrive folder. Very nice job!

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