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  • Blog Post: Deployment Practices: Configuration >< Process

    It is easy for users new to a system like Project Server to see the configuration of fields, views, reports and security as the whole picture of doing a deployment of Project Server. It is also easy to see why there might be this confusion. On the surface it makes sense. You look at the processes in...
  • Blog Post: Is Agile Really just “Good Project Management”?

    Glenn Alleman has a great post here asking the question “If I'm Doing Project Management Right am I Agile?” and my answer is a resounding PROBABLY!!!  :-) I have been thinking this same thing since way back in 2004 when I posted about an article I saw about agile methods. My post was called “Agile...
  • Blog Post: Reliability\Quality of Data

    In the past few weeks I have seen a ton of questions floating around about users of project management systems wanting to see reporting showing resource capacity vs. demand. Now you might be saying “But Brian, that is pretty common. Doesn’t EVERYONE want this kind of data from their PM system?” to which...