Deployment–PDT 2.6 is now available on the TechNet Gallery

Deployment–PDT 2.6 is now available on the TechNet Gallery

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PowerShell Deployment Toolkit version 2.6 has now been posted to the TechNet Gallery here.

Version 2.6 resolves a number of bugs, and also adds the following capabilities:

  • High availability for roles that require network load balancing
  • Shared VHDX creation
  • VM creation updates:
  •        Generation 2 VMs
  •        VLAN Tagging
  •        MAC Spoofing
  •        Autostop Settings
  •        Guest Services
  • Deployment of Windows Azure Pack Web Sites
  • Deployment of cumulative updates for SQL Server 2012
  • Ability to specify groups for server admins per component
  • Ability to specify a product key for Windows Server
  • VMCreator for AD does not delete log files after Installer completes
  • VMCreator for AD does not delete source files if Installer fails
  • Check for Web Platform Installer in Downloader

Several of the above will be the topics of further blog posts over the next few weeks, so stay tuned!

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  • :-) Great, thanks alot!!

  • :-) Great, thanks alot!!

  • :-) Great, thanks alot!!

  • Hi! The Gen 2 VM creator and the VLAN tagging will save me a lot of time! keep up the good work! cheers

  • Hi! The Gen 2 VM creator and the VLAN tagging will save me a lot of time! keep up the good work! cheers

  • Great new features in PDT v2.6 Rob, awesome job on all these scripts! Deploying a System Center 2012 R2 lab with PDT v2.6

  • Thanks Rob - It works great. I noted a minor bug in the output (not a functional error) when I created my Generation2 VM (Last line: "Attaching disk ... to IDE 0:0")

    VM1 - DC01 on Localhost
    Creating Generation 2 VM - DC01
    Setting processors to 2
    Setting memory to startup 1024MB, minimum 512MB, maximum 2048MB, buffer 20%
    Adding network adapter Ethernet with MAC 00:15:5D:65:01:04 on pdt.local
    Setting automatic start to "Nothing", delay to 0 and automatic stop to "Save"
    Creating differencing disk e:\VMs\DC01\Virtual Hard Disks\DC01.vhdx
    Attaching disk e:\VMs\DC01\Virtual Hard Disks\DC01.vhdx to IDE 0:0

    By the way - the Powershell Deployment Toolkit was one of two topics at the Danish PSUG yesterday - people were excited - just thought you should know :)

  • Looking good Rob. A suggestion: how about allowing VMCreator to configure into an existing domain? That way, I could be sure all the necessary AD accounts & groups were created correctly. I created a PS script borrowing heavily from VMCreator, but I'm not sure if I really got everything.

  • Mark - VMCreator will already create VMs in existing domains, in fact that was the original functionality. It won't, however, create the accounts and groups - since there is no assumption that you have permissions in AD to do that.

  • Hello Rob! Great work! Anxious to start testing it!

  • Rob, I have used the early versions with an existing domain. That is where I discovered the accounts and groups were not getting created in AD. Right now, the script I use sweeps Workflow and Variable (when run on the DC) to create the necessary users, groups, OU, etc. Since there is lot in the PDT, I'm just not sure I got everything. (I'm currently trying to "fix" an error with Operations Manager which looks like it may be an AD/account/group related issue.)

  • I have got to be done something seriously wrong. I thought I'd start small with just a domain controller and a SCCM server, but I sure broke it. I'm going to go grab the XML that Joe Thompson made available and start over.

    One thing I did notice though. The downloader is downloading ADK 8.1 Update 1 but that then fails the validation as being the "wrong version" of the ADK.

  • Search for WindowsAutomatedDeploymentKit81Source in Workflow.xml. check 8.100.26629 matches what is downloaded.

    Entry for SystemCenter2012R2ConfigurationManagerPrerequisitesSource. Inspects the ConfigMgr.Manifest file size and does not detect. Worflow.xml contains different value, file download is 8,450 bytes. Changed value in workflow.xml and works

    Value SystemCenter2012R2OperationsManagerSource looks for folder ..\installer\systemcenter2012r2\operationsmanger.en > removed the .en and validations passed

    Virtual Machine Manager download from Technet contains both amd64 and i386 folders in extract, move amd64 files to root of ..\systemcenter2012R2\virtualmachinemanager to pass validation

    Now for my problem, VMCreator creates Generation 1 virtual machines, even if I use a sysprepped Windows Server 2012 R2 VHDK. If I create the vm manually and attach the VHDK, no issues. Inspecting VMCreator.ps1 but not sure why setting VM to correct generation. Host is Windows Server 2012 R2 and VMs are created from the same ISO used for host installation, downloaded from Technet