Troubleshooting Installation of Windows Azure Pack

Troubleshooting Installation of Windows Azure Pack

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The first blog post for troubleshooting WAP will logically be on installation challenges.

Some of my issues were due to security others were caused by not reading the manual. It’s my understanding that many IT Pros goes to the web when searching for help, so hopefully this can point you in the right direction.

Below you will find three things I have run into during the installation of WAP. The first one happens if you don’t have an internet connection from the WAP server and number two and three happens if you miss some important steps in the install guide. The installation guide can be found here.

How do I install WAP if I don’t have internet connection from the WAP Server

As WAP is being installed by downloading components and needed pre-requisites from the internet, it can be a challenge to install it without internet connection.

Error: Web PI 4.6 can’t connect to XML feed online

Cause: WAP server can’t get internet connection.

Solution: Download and copy Web IP files from a computer with internet connection to the WAP server. To do this do the following:

1. Download and Install Microsoft Web Platform Installer from here (currently this is version 4.6)

2. Run the following command line: "%ProgramFiles%\Microsoft\Web Platform Installer\WebpiCmd.exe" /Offline /Products:”WAP_SingleMachineInstallation” /Path:"C:\WebpiOfflineFeed"
/XML:“” /Log:"C:\WebpiCmd.log"


This command will run for a while and download files for a total size of aprox 253 Mb

3. Copy “Microsoft Web Platform Installer” install file and the C:\WebpiOfflineFeed folder to the WAP server.

5. Login as an administrator on the WAP Server

6. Install “Microsoft Web Platform Installer”

You now have two options to install WAP

  • Use command line and run the installation.
  • Use GUI mode to run the installaion.

To use Comamnd Line do the following:

1. Start a command prompt as administrator

2. Run the following command: webPicmd /install /products:”WAP_SingleMachineInstallation” /XML:”<Path to local webproductlist.XML>”

3. You will be asked to accept license agreement, Enter Y to proceed


4. WAP will now install on the server

To use GUI do the following:

1. Run regedit and go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WebPlatformInstaller

2. Right click on WebPlatformInstaller folder and select New >  String Value

3. Name the String Value: ProductXMLLocation

4. Click on ProductXMLLocation and specify Value Data:“<Path to the local webproductlist.XML>”


5. Close Registry Editor

6. Launch Microsoft Web platform installer from the start menu.

7. Verify that Primary feed has been overwritten to the local webproductlist.XML


8. Select Products from the top menu

9. Find Windows Azure Pack: Portal and API Express


14. Click Install

15. You will be asked to accept license agreement, Click “I Accept” to proceed

16. WAP will now install on the server

500 Internal Server Error - Failed to configure databases and services

    Error: User gets an error when installation or WAP is running: 500 Internal Server Error - Failed to configure databases and services: Filename: redirection.config Error: Cannot read configuration file due to insufficient permissions

    Cause: This error may occur if Internet Explorer is launched without administrator rights.

    Solution: Web Browser does not have the needed rights to configure settings in WAP, launch browser as administrator when launching WAP configuration web page (https://localhost:30101/). To do this do the following

    1. Right-click on your link to Internet Explorer and choose Run as administrator

    2. Connect to https://localhost:30101/

    3. Start configuring Windows Azure Portal

    Access Denied: The User does not have permissions to access the Service Manger API

      Error: Access Denied: The User does not have permissions to access the Service Manger API.


      Cause:  User membership in "MgmtSvc Operators" local group will not be reflected for the security token.

      The claims based auth will add your users and groups to security token. Since "MgmtSvc Operators" was just created and administrator were just added as member, it will not be in the security token.

      Solution: User credentials is not registered correctly in WAP right after installation, to fix this sing out of Windows and sign back in should fix the issue.

      Please let me know if you have run into other challenges and I’ll be happy to add it to the list of things that can cause challenges installing WAP.

      Happy installing Windows Azure Pack.

      Next blog post will be:

      Troubleshooting Windows Azure Pack, SPF & VMM

      • How to verify SPF is working correctly end to end
      • How to troubleshoot integration between WAP, SPF and VMM.

      Stay tuned!

      If you are looking for other areas of troubleshooting WAP, have a look here: Troubleshooting Installation & Configuration of Windows Azure Pack – An Introduction

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      • Hi

        There appears to be fairly significant feature overlap between Azure Pack and App Controller.

        Could you please point me to a resource which compares and contrasts the features and functionality of these two products.

        I'm not looking for pointers to information on each of the individual products, but rather a comparison of one to the other, in order to properly understand the differences between the two.


      • Great question and very valid observation.

        Let me try to answer this as good as I can.

        App Controller is our solution for providing a web console for VM Clouds. This component is primarily servicing VMs and Library. This solution is mainly servicing Enterprises as a console for VM Clouds only. Both App Controller and WAP uses SPF to communicate with System Center when connecting into multiple clouds. WAP is broader focused than App Controller in a way that it provides more services (SQL, Web, VM,  Messaging) as well as more Service oriented design by providing plans, subscriptions and usage as part of the portal experience. WAP is also our component to provide a more consistent experience with Windows Azure, to give customers a more common platform to work from in terms of API and Web portals. This is maybe what you have heard reference to as Cloud OS. So simplified App controller is primarily focused on the Enterprise and providing a way to connect to Enterprice Clouds and Windows Azure but providing IaaS only. WAP is providing broader services and giving a consistent experience between Windows Azure and Hoster / Datacenter.

        Hope this helps


      • If anyone is having problems with the offline install commands, here they are untainted by formatting (hopefully).

        Offline Pull Command:

        "%ProgramFiles%\Microsoft\Web Platform Installer\WebpiCmd.exe" /Offline /Products:WAP_SingleMachineInstallation /Path:"C:\WebpiOfflineFeed" /XML:"" /Log:"C:\WebpiCmd.log"

        Offline install Command:

        webPicmd /install /products:WAP_SingleMachineInstallation /XML:C:\WebpiOfflineFeed\feeds\latest\webproductlist.xml

        Great post Anders, thanks!

      • I get this error on Admin Authentication Site. 500 Internal Server Error - Failed to configure databases and services: Unknown error (0x80005000) This was during configuration windows azure pack. Do you have any idea why it occurs? I try to install Windows Azure Pack express on server 2012 R2 data center.

      • Hi Anonymous Could I get you to check the following. What rights does the user have you are installing with, is it local administrator? When you launched the IE did you do that with administrative rights (Run as administrator)? Are any of the other config areas failing? Thanks Anders

      • I am getting the following error while installing the Web Sites V2. I did run the IE as admin. I selected pre-configured windows file server. also changed it to stand alone and but no use, same error prevailed. File Server 500 Internal Server Error - Failed to configure databases and services: Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection. Parameter name: index

      • When running the wizard after installation I get the same error on the following features: * Usage Extension (Service) * Usage Extension (Collector) * MySQL Extension * SQL Server Extension * Web App Gallery Extension 500 Internal Server Error - Failed to configure databases and services: Could not obtain exclusive lock on database 'model'. Retry the operation later. CREATE DATABASE failed. Some file names listed could not be created. Check related errors. The other features (e.g. tenant/admin API's) appear to install correctly. Any ideas on how to resolve this or troubleshoot further?

      • Hi Anders Ravnholt,

        Thanks for nice post!

        But after installation of WAP & Configuration of DB, I am unable to register SPF with local account (SPF_SVC_REG- which is recommended to be created as local user on SPF VM) as it says credentials provided is not valid. I have recreated User with new password & then Tried again but it fails with same error.

        Can you please help me out for registering SPF in Admin Portal and integration of SCVMM Server with portal server?

        With Best Regards,
        Mayank Dhama

      • Hi Anders Ravnholt,

        I did it, Need to add that user as a member of SPF groups (Admin, Provider, VMM & Usage web service) before going to register SPF in admin portal.

        After that need to plan, configure it, add cloud, create user and login with that user to tenant site and then deploy VM over cloud.

        Thanks a lot for nice post again. I need an option for OFFLINE installation of WAP.

        With Best Regards,
        Mayank Dhama

      • @Mayank Dhama
        When you say off-line install of WAP would the guidance above not help you? Maybe I missed something?
        "How do I install WAP if I don’t have internet connection from the WAP Server"

      • Hi Anders Ravnholt,

        This guidance only help me out for OFFLINE WAP INSTALLATION.

        Sorry but You Misunderstood my Line "Thanks a lot for nice post again. I need an option for OFFLINE installation of WAP.", I forget to mention that "this post helps me out for OFFLINE WAP INSTALLATION."

        Thanks a lot.. :)

        With Best Regards,
        Mayank Dhama

      • Wow, this helped a lot! Though, now I'm trying to install Web Sites v2 with this same approach, I'm not seeing Web Sites v2 called out as an application when using the /List /ListOption:Available.

        I'm able to install it with a functioning internet connection, which let's me stand up a proof of concept, but I'm not seeing a way to make this install available as an offline option (ie to download and deploy in a datacenter).

      • immediately following a "successful" installation, i'm getting "This error (HTTP 500 Internal Server Error) means that the website you are visiting had a server problem which prevented the webpage from displaying." on https://localhost:30101/. I am a local administrator in the MgmtSvc Operators group running IE as administrator after having logged out and rebooted repeatedly. if I don't run IE as administrator, I get prompted for credentials, which are not accepted, even though I am a local administrator in the MgmtSvc Operators group who has logged out and rebooted repeatedly.

      • hi
        my computer is behind a proxy server.
        I can't download and getting the following error.

        Loading products in online feeds ...
        Unexpected exception occurred
        Url '' returned HTTP status code: 407

        Please suggest how can i connect within powershell to go internet using proxy address.


      • Could you please help me? I am using below syntax

        C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Web Platform Installer>WebpiCmd.exe /Offline /Product
        s:WAP_SingleMachineInstallation /Path:C:\Pra\vpn2 /
        /webpi/4.6/webproductlist.xml Log:C:\Pra\vpn2\WebpiCmd.log,

        but it is not working.

        I tried the below as well

        C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Web Platform Installer>WebpiCmd.exe /Offline /Product
        s:"WAP_SingleMachineInstallation" /Path:"C:\Pra\vpn2" /XML:"
        /webpi/4.6/webproductlist.xml" Log:"C:\Pra\vpn2\WebpiCmd.log"