Deployment–PDT 2.4 is now available on the TechNet Gallery

Deployment–PDT 2.4 is now available on the TechNet Gallery

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PowerShell Deployment Toolkit version 2.4 has now been posted to the TechNet Gallery here.  Version 2.4 adds more pre-installation validation, as well as several switches:

  • Downloader.ps1 allows a switch -DeploymentOnly which will read the variable.xml and only download what is needed for the deployment specified.
  • Installer.ps1 allows a switch -ValidateOnly which will run the pre-installation validation but not run the deployment.
  • Installer.ps1 allows a switch -SkipValidation with parameters All, Local, ActiveDirectory, and Remote which will skip some or all pre-installation validations.
  • All three PowerShell scripts allow a switch -Path to specify an alternate location for workflow.xml and variable.xml

Several other bugs have been resolved.  Note that some roles now include installation of Silverlight, so if you have an existing downloaded source please run Downloader.ps1 again to update with the latest content.

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  • Hey, First time PDT user. running the pdt tool on a 1 core 4gb server with a 50mb pipe. on the download portion now and the processor is at 99 - 100% utilization and dropping to 0 mb for download. is this a processor intensive script? if so i can crank it up, but just wondering. would have thought it would have been bandwidth intensive.


  • Shouldn't be processor intensive, but can't say I've ever tried it on a single core.

  • Hey, thanks for the reply. I upped it to 4 cores (2.8ghz core i7) and 8gb of mem. its utilizing the entire pipe now. Processor is setting at about 50%.

    seems to be clipping along now.


  • Rob this is great, Any automation on the Certificates for SPF, CM etc? planned

  • SPF is the only role that absolutely requires a certificate to install - you can create a self-signed certificate with PowerShell New-SelfSignedCertificate.  Other roles will use a certificate if it is present, or generate a self-signed certificate.  Lots more info on all of this at MMS - and in the continuing series of blog posts.  If there are areas such as this that you want information sooner than later, just let me know!

  • Rob, thanks for that, updated to 2.4 and rebuilding my lab again, the scripts are top class. Two more asks

    a) Integration of the Lstest CUs for SC

    b) Adding support for Katal (Windows Azure Services for Windows Server


  • Good morning Rob.

    Excellent tool would it be possible to add in the following features for 2.5 :)

    Possible to deploy WSUS / PXE role for VMM.

    For SCCM options to deploy a CAS / configure a CAS for a site deployed using PTD :)

    Thanks again for a great select of tools.

  • If there will be a v2.5, it would be nice to deploy vm's with up to 4 nics with ip,mask, etc.

  • Hi Rob

    For DPM we need to be able to install the VMM console so we can enable VM Mobility that came in with CU2.  So this may be something that should possibly be added in as an integration step.


  • Hi Rob,

    Would I be able to install the R2 version of System Center with this version, or would I have to wait for a new version?  Is there a new version planned for R2?  If so, when would you like/expect to publish it?



  • New version coming with support for R2 Preview... literally any day now.