Surface Pro Hijinks: The Video

Surface Pro Hijinks: The Video

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 Or: How we spent $4,000 and all we got was a tabletop datacenter

Remember last week when I told you about our little geek experiment with our brand new Surface Pro devices?  I promised a video, and we are not the type to disappoint our readers.  We wandered off to a quiet corner of our building, set up our equipment, took out our Nokia Lumia 920’s, and started filming a VM migration ballet. 

Check out the video below for the full effect.  Charles is the maestro of this orchestra, wielding the baton (err…stylus).  Kath, Mark, and I are manning the cameras, and our man Ben performed some video editing magic to tell the story. We’ll follow up with lessons we learned about what happens when you go off the reservation on a consumer device like this.

Enjoy the show.

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  • Lightpens and NT 3.51? What year is this?

  • Awesome video. Good Job!

  • That was ridiculously cool. Thank you.

  • @Billy.  Lightpens?  It's a stylus.  A key part of some awesome handwriting recognition on the Surface Pro!  And, NT 3.51 was only because we couldn't find a copy of MS Bob.  The crew was looking for some tiny VMs...  But the Surface Pro h/w running Windows Server 2012 and Hyper-V is cool, no?   Also showing that Hyper-V "can" run some older stuff...  not a support statement, but pretty versatile.

  • I used to joke when walking into a clients office and seeing what they called a DATA center in a closet with a fan trying to cool down these old towers.Now if I walked in and they said he want to see my DC and showed me that,, wow! Good work

  • This is awesome :)

    TED ROCKS !!!!

  • Is that at 100% DPI sizing? at 10.6 Inches 1080p is silly small. The pen tip is almost bigger than the hit targets! Is there a reason why a higher DPI scaling isn't used? It doesn't appear that much of the screen real-estate is being used anyway.

  • Yep, that's 100%.  No particular reason, we just didn't feel like changing it. We weren't going to keep Server 2012 on it past our little experiment, so it never occurred to us to go customizing it really.  I do agree it's far to small for day-to-day.  Once I got Win8 back on, I move it up to 150%

  • I Love it!

    Keep up the fun Duane and team, now I guess I know why Kath pinged me earlier on today

  • Crazy!! love it

  • Constrained delegation (accessing ISOs from a network) and a lack of compatibility with Slysoft virtual CD ended my Hyper-V experiment on my Surface Pro.

    VirtualBox works great with no screwing around.  Plus, I can run Windows 7 Home Premium and all those other unsupported Windows OSes if Iwant, and almost any variety of Linux without screwing around with the Linux IC for Hyper-V.

  • Fair feedback sj. That's one of the tradeoffs you make when using a properly designed, server-grade, Type-1 hypervisor like Hyper-V. Sometimes security gets in the way of how you'd like to do things on a regular desktop.  The flip side is that the performance and security are hard to beat.  Tradeoffs...

  • Video does not show anything except some screen touches with a pen. Idea is funny but no real proof of anything.

  • I don't believe this!

    could you send over the surface pro's so that I can test this for my self? :)

  • @john we had to balance entertainment value with what was being done, and we leaned towards entertainment.  We will actually be doing more posts about how we got Server 2012 on there, some hoops we had to jump through, and how you could do it yourself, so keep checking the blog.