Microsoft Privacy & Safety

Microsoft's Approach to Helping Protect Privacy and Safety Online

May, 2007

  • Microsoft Research Focused on Demographic Data, Not PII

    Erik Bratt, Sr. Communications Manager, here ... At Microsoft, we’re fortunate to have some of the world’s most renowned technology scientists working on innovative research projects based on an open academic model. Microsoft Research is dedicated...
  • Privacy Not Just About Data Security

    Erik Bratt, Sr. Communications Manager, here ... Although security and privacy often have the same objective, the focus is different. When it comes to customer data, security focuses on keeping your data safe, while privacy focuses on giving you control...
  • Welcome to The Data Privacy Imperative Blog!

    "Helping ensure privacy in today’s digital era is critical to the full realization of the social and economic benefits of technology and the Internet – simply put, it’s an imperative."