September, 2006

  • Excuse me, I don't like your "Service"!

    The SML Feedback Worshop took place in Mountain View, California on 12th Septemeber. The workshop was attended by several community members who asked thought-provoking questions and shared their insights and feedback with the SML WG. Thanks to all of...
  • Why bother about SML - it is just another modeling language!

    In his recent blog entry, Charles Metz muses about the practical utility of the SML specification since it does not define any common models for IT entities such as Server and Application. He correctly points out that the SML will be of little use if...
  • SML improves management automation

    William Vambenepe - who is a co-author of the SML specification - has written an article on how SML can be used to increase the level of automation in the management of IT services and systems. Check it out at