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  • Blog Post: Microsoft India Techdays are here !!

    The next up is in Chennai, so if you are nearby please join us. We can catch up for discussion. You can register at - If you are in other parts of India, check out upcoming events at -
  • Blog Post: Windows to go - All about it

    What is "Windows to go" ? Windows to go ( WTG ) is a capability to reimagine possibilities in your enterprise when it comes to addressing BYOD scenarios. Note - This is an enterprise feature hence will require Windows® 8 Enterprise client to build such scenarios, not applicable for other editions...
  • Blog Post: Windows 8 is here - few must know enterprise features

    The wait is over & Windows 8 is not available for everyone !!!! This release is an innovation in many ways hence if I start talking about what's new - the list would be very long. I am sure you'll love to explore it on your own when it comes down to working with the new interface etc. In this...
  • Blog Post: SMB 3.0 : All about it - Part I

    Thought of writing a blog about SMB 3.0 and somehow it hit me to first talk about SMB from the very scratch and then move to SMB 3.0. What is SMB ? Wikipedia definitions says - Server Message Block (SMB), also known as Common Internet File System (CIFS) operates as an application-layer network...
  • Blog Post: Windows 8 - shortcut keys

    With the GA of Windows 8 just happened a few days ago, I started to put together an article of tips and tricks. Putting up the shortcut keys is definitely on my list. So here we go -- Moving between Metro and Desktop <Windows> Brings up the Metro start screen. You can start typing to...