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    Hello! The sun is shining, spring has sprung and it's nearly the weekend... life is sweet! Today, I'm going to talk about using the AD Replication cmdlets, introduced with Windows Server 2012, to prepopulate passwords to your RODCs. No more repadmin, no more DSA.msc... just pure, unadulterated...
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    I seem to have acquired a post sack. It has the initials NP on it... Hmmm, what's inside? This one looks interesting... "...Dear, Sir, How can I use PowerShell to check that a backlink is populated for an object in AD? Yours, faithfully, Mr Johnny Face..." ...
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    Rules rule! What's a directory service without schema? This week I was asked about the Active Directory schema version for Windows Server 2012 R2. Here’s how to get hold of it with PowerShell: Get-ADObject ( Get-ADRootDSE ) . schemaNamingContext -Property objectVersion ...