It's Spring, (well, here in the Seattle area, it was snowing this morning, so Winter isn't quite ready to release it's icy grip...) so it's time for Spring cleaning on TechNet!

We've started with the Windows Client TechCenter.

Notable changes:

  • More featured videos
  • Removal of sub-navigation elements (underneath the tabs) to pull the content up on the page and de-clutter your choices
  • For the Springboard pages, we introduced a new navigation element with buttons that takes up less space and just looks nicer than the text links we had before
  • We removed useless, bandwidth hogging-graphics :-)
  • Standardized icon application to allow for content type identification at a glance
  • Implemented OMPL feeds in some places for fresher content
  • Standardized the look and feel of the pages across the different product version pages for Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7

Let me know what you think.