March, 2009

  • More Frequent TechNet Home Page Updates

    Regular visitors to the TechNet home page might have noticed that we've been making more changes around the content we feature. Previously, we were featuring a variety of blogs at the top of the page, but we realized that the chance of a blog post...
  • Windows 7 Everywhere - Even on a Mac

    ars technica has a short article about installing the Windows 7 beta on a Mac . It's worth a look if you support multiple platforms. Chris FIN
  • New Microsoft Download Center

    Bits. You want 'em, we got 'em. And we serve 'em up from the Microsoft Download Center , which has just been refreshed with a great, new Silverlight home page. Take a peek. Chris FIN
  • Fifteen Years of Port 80

    In a few months, it will have been fifteen years since I set up my first web server on a spare Mac II at using Mac httpd . (You can check Netcraft to see what it's running today.) The genesis of that box was frustration. Frustration...