One of the things I love about the web is the fact that it is in constant motion and that we're all still making it up as we go along.

Here at Microsoft, change is constant, and my team has been doing some great work recently around slimming down our TechCenters by removing junk pages, ongoing 404 (bad link) fixing, and other look and feel work that we hope adds up to a better web experience for you. I'll do a roundup post later this week to highlight the work we've done, but I want to thank my team for all their hard work - you folks are great!

As part of that larger project, I have been tweaking the U.S. TechNet home page to remove extraneous content, purge redundant links and prune graphical elements that only added page weight.

I am not quite done yet, but it has changed enough over the past couple of weeks that I wanted to call it out and solicit your feedback.

Do you think it's better? Did you even notice that things had changed? :-)

Let me know what you think!