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  • Blog Post: Faces from the Collective: Shared memory anyone?

    by admin on March 31, 2006 03:00pm Sam Ramji sits down with resident UNIX guru and Microsoft Architect Jason Zions to discuss the history of Windows and UNIX interoperability. Format: WMV Duration: 40:43 Updated : Download the transcript (PDF)
  • Blog Post: Linux World Boston 2006

    by admin on April 28, 2006 07:14pm A few weeks ago I had the pleasure to be the first person from Microsoft to keynote a Linux World conference. Although the concept may sound unusual, I’ve been attending Linux World conferences from the start and I have had technical speaking sessions in the past, both...
  • Blog Post: WIX: An Open Source Project at Microsoft

    by admin on April 25, 2006 07:55pm Sam Interviews Rob Mensching, maintainer of the WIX project and an Open Source pioneer at Microsoft. Format: wmv Duration: 27:22  
  • Blog Post: Partner Spotlight: Do your directories play nicely?

    --> by admin on March 29, 2006 03:35am Directory specialist Jackson Shaw from Quest Software joins Sam Ramji from the Open Source Software Lab at Microsoft, to talk Active Directory and interoperability. Format: WMV Duration: 25:20 Updated : Download the transcript (PDF)
  • Blog Post: Stuff we think is cool: Improving the Windows experience, it's elementary!

    by admin on March 31, 2006 01:21am Ben Canning, Group Product Manager from the Office team talks Watson and how this unique solution is helping improve the Windows experience. Format: WMV Duration: 30:22 Updated : Download the transcript (PDF)
  • Blog Post: with transcription!

    by admin on June 23, 2006 06:12pm Due to popular demand we are going to start posting our interview content with a transcribed text version.  Each week, until we catch up, we'll be releasing three transcripts from interviews that are already available on Port 25 in video format starting with the...
  • Blog Post: IDMU....And You.

    by admin on May 05, 2006 03:16pm Sam interviews Shamit Patel, Project Manager for Identity Management for Unix (IdMU), to discuss the current state of the project and solicit feedback from the Port 25 community to help shape future versions of the project. Format: wmv Duration: 17:56 Want to learn more...