About Port25


About Port25

Welcome to Port 25, the home for communications from the Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc., team where we keep you informed about open source and Microsoft.

On Port 25 you will find blogs and discussion about open source technology and relevant Microsoft projects that we hope you'll think are cool, too, as well as on our interoperability initiatives and how you can get involved; and news about cool, new open and interoperable tools and software.

Port 25 is about having a healthy conversation with customers and the industry to talk openly and honestly about their biggest interoperability challenges, whether it is on UNIX, Linux, Windows, or other open source packages.

We believe that healthy and productive discussion only occurs when the parties listen and respond to each other, and this is the foundation on which Port 25 is built.

Our goal is to be accessible, approachable and smart, which means our door is always open, that no comment goes unread, that ideas (common sense required) can be openly discussed, and that while change takes time, we're committed.

We encourage comments, but ask that you respect the fact that everybody is going to have different opinions based on their varying experiences, and that your comments don't re-enforce stereotypes or unhealthy perceptions that don't move the conversation forward.

We're excited to hear and discuss your constructive ideas, and we hope you'll also take this opportunity to listen what the community is saying and work with us to break down any negative stereotypes.

We also hope to learn and grow so that we can all work better together. Please don't hesitate to share what you know so we all have the opportunity to develop from one other.

We're looking forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas and hope to see you soon @ Port 25!