Windows Vista carries so many impressive features, that it is easy to overlook one of the most amazing aspects of it: security. It is beaming with new innovative technologies that do not exist on any other operating system yet, such as BitLocker™ – losing your laptop will render your data useless to a thief. Changes to the kernel will make the system more immune from many clever attacks of today. Structures management of drivers will prevent USB devices from stealing your company’s secrets. New cryptographic subsystem will make it the first major OS to support the military-grade Suite-B of protocols. Redesigned logon process will make use of strong authentication in a way that is easy to manage across an enterprise – no mean feat today! Enhanced Standard User will empower most people to be in charge of making significant changes to the system. Next Generation TCP/IP stack will protect you from all known low-level network attacks. There is so much more to say about security in Vista and Longhorn! This session will give you a good overview of the things to come and it will prepare you to manage the new abilities as well as to make good choices when deciding on the hardware to buy, deploy or develop for.

Rafał Łukawiecki
Strategic Consultant [Project Boticelli Ltd]
Jako Strategic Consultant and Director w firmie Project Boticelli Ltd, Rafał jest odpowiedzialny za analizę, planowanie i wprowadzanie zmian na polu IT wielu firm. Ze względu na jego bezpośrednią współpracę z klientami, Rafał pracuje z zespołami nawet do 150 developerów, ale też z inwestorami oraz dyrektorami w firmach IT. Taka praca pozwala na wykorzystywanie w praktyce najlepszych zasad "Microsoft Solutions Framework and Microsoft Operations Framework" - sekretu stojącego za sukcesem firmy Microsoft oraz innych firm z branży IT.