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  • Blog Post: SHA2 and Windows

    UPDATE (2/8): Based on some recent questions, additional information has been posted about SHA2 and Windows. Introduction We’ve recently received a couple of requests from customers around the functionality of SHA-256 when running on Windows XP and 2003. This has been more important recently...
  • Blog Post: Common Questions about SHA2 and Windows

    Since my last post about SHA2 and Windows I’ve received numerous questions from customers and partners around three particular scenarios. This post will try to address those questions. Windows XP/2003 Enrollment in SHA2 Signed Certificates As covered in the previous post, Windows XP Service...
  • Blog Post: Visual Basic for Applications and SHA2

    I was recently helping a customer deploy a SHA-256 based PKI. As part of the retirement of their old PKI, we reissued the code signing certificates used by their developers. We found that the Visual Studio 2010 developers had no issue with the new code signing certs, but the Visual Basic of Application...