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  • Blog Post: Manually importing keys into a smart card

    Have you thought about moving a certificate including its (exportable) keys from a user's profile into a smart card? There are three simple steps required to do this if the Microsoft Base Smart Card Crypto Service Provider is available on a computer. 1. As the first step, two registry keys must...
  • Blog Post: Key Recovery vs Data Recovery Differences

    I am often asked when talking to my customers about the differences between Key Recovery and Data Recovery for encrypted files, in addition to which method to use. As a result, This Blog will focus on both areas, explaining the differences and best practices. Both methods can easily be understood...
  • Blog Post: Visual Basic for Applications and SHA2

    I was recently helping a customer deploy a SHA-256 based PKI. As part of the retirement of their old PKI, we reissued the code signing certificates used by their developers. We found that the Visual Studio 2010 developers had no issue with the new code signing certs, but the Visual Basic of Application...