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We released some new screens of FSX lately, and as I read over the reactions, one of the things I see are folk asking for shots of this and that. I'd like to take the opportunity to point out that we're not done yet! :)

We try not to show stuff off in our screens that isn't representative of what we expect to ship.

I'll quote an exchange I had with a nice fellow at Sim-Outhouse:

Originally Posted by Tom Clayton
For Jason, or any other MS staff member:
Have any of the features of FSX been "frozen" yet,
or are there still tweaks being implemented across the board?

If this is one of those "I could tell ya,
but I'd have to kill ya" things, I understand - just curious.

I wouldn't have to kill you, just disable any ability you have to communicate with the outside world.

Not all features are complete. The feature set is pretty much frozen. There will be user feedback wrapped into the product (via the beta program) before FSX hits the shelves. Not all content scheduled is complete, but some areas are more complete than others.

There are tweaks being done across the board.

Nowhere near all new features have been dislosed yet.


  • I guess we're always thirsting for information and at times we can't get enough - LOL.

    All the same it would be nice to see some screenshots of of the new virtual cockpits.

  • Soon Mr.Bruce, soon...   ;)

  • Until theres a DX10 version its unfinished :)

  • I'm curious at to the design and look of the Beaver VC myself ;-)

    You should be in marketing and PR Jason, you have me sold, LOL.

    Thanks for the info!


  • Michael:

    One down, only 999,999 to go...

  • 999,998 (lame, I know...)


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