Flight Simulator X: A request for source material...

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I've posted this in one of the main Flight Sim user forums (Avsim), but haven't seen an answer. Any takers here?

Anybody have any images of a ski retraction lever?

Preferably from a Maule, but anything from a single prop'd be helpful.

Thank you so much in advance,


  • I did some searching, no luck. But I did find these sites, and the folks in their forums might be able to help:

    Also discovered that the term wheel-ski is more specific. Hope that might help...


  • Jason,

    There is a *GREAT* Maule M-7 out there that you should check out. It's freeware. Here is the contents of the README.TXT file. It has contact info and info on where to find the file itself. Good flight model too!

    Maule M-7-260 ALL-IN-ONE package for FS2004


    See instructions in the user manual (maule_user_manual.pdf or maule_user_manual.doc)




    We will not take any responsibility of any possible harm caused to your system or FS2004. You are using this package at your own risk.

    You are not allowed to upload this package ( without the written permission of Mikko Maliniemi. Do not make any kind of changes to the zip-package. Also do not include this package on any commercial add-on CD without written permission.

    If you like to upload this package ( on your website, please send email to and include information and address of the website you want to upload this package into.

    Take the following as serious warning!

    Rehabilitation Center of Kankaanpää supports our team. This package contains 2 logos owned by Rehabilitation Center of Kankaanpää. Any unauthorized use of this package ( or any part of it may cause legal actions by lawyers of Rehabilitation Center of Kankaanpää.

    FOR COMPLETE COPYRIGHT INFORMATION AND CONTACT INFO, READ THE USER MANUAL (maule_user_manual.pdf or maule_user_manual.doc)

    Happy Flying!!

  • Hi Jason, I found something here..

  • Jason,

    we retract the skis with a simple switch that actuates the electric motor for hydraulically retracting/lowering the skis. No lever anywhere ;-)

    And.. ummm.... not to be cheeky, but there ARE other sites than Avsim around too, don't ya know !? ;-)

    Kind regards,

  • Francois...

    Yes. I know. :)

    I also know how hard t can be to monitor even a couple posts (which is what I had up on Avsim), which is why I did it here...


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