Flight Simulator X announcement at CES

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I thought I would be able to get some work done tonight but am so amped from the announcement at CES that I'm likely to spend the rest of my time cruising forums, and monitoring reactions.

So far they're mostly good, although there are a fair share of skeptics and outright naysayers.

The only thing I would tell people to think about as they look over what's been released is that the images shown represent a body of work over time--- the screenshots were'nt all taken at the same point in time, and all screens, no matter *when* they were taken represent work in progress--- things are bound to change until RTM. On the other hand, some stuff in the shots is pretty much finished. We are building a whole planet here, some parts are more finished than others.

I'm not allowed to comment on much more than what's been made available to the public, but I will say that y'all haven't seen everything yet... ;)

Maybe more later,





For those who saw the webcast of BillG's keynote, that wasn't a video. That was a live demo of a product.

{EDIT #2}

I do want to be clear: a lot of what you see in the screenshots shown is finished work. Some shots a from awhile ago, and some are more recent. Not everything shown is finished yet-- if it was I could go home, and everybody'd have a copy in their hands...

  • Hi,
    For a first very earlier static Sceenshot from FSX, it's look overall a much better result on realism compare to fs2004, there is so much new details even in static screenshots, overall environment feeling, autogen, light, reflection, ground texture, card\trucks, even the overall object\aircraft scale seem to be little bit increased...Imagine the finished FSX product and the new capability for 3rd party!

    Chris Willis

  • Chris,

    Thanks for the kind words. Remember though, it's not *that* early. We have been working on this thing for awhile now...

    Also; we release Holiday 06, which means we need to be done *before* that.

    There'll be more details released (surprises too!) over the next few months...




  • Congrat's to everyone - *Your* screens are just beautiful!!!



  • Thanks O, now y'all know about my secret mission...

  • One thing is for sure: It's going to be a wild ride :-)

    Everything is looking great so far.

  • Thanks Jeff!

  • Thank you Jason, and all of the FS team. You guys are doing an outstanding job. I'm looking forward to all the announcements, "secrets", and screenshots I can get my hands on till the release. In the meantime, I'm enjoying FS9, but I feel like the fan waiting outside the studio with his ear on the wall, hoping the door will open and I'll get a hint of what next masterpiece is coming my way. Happy New Year, and again, thanks!!

  • All I´ve to say is Hat´s off, those graphics are awesome, don´t pay too much attention to skeptics... the screenshots show a wonderful world. Keep up the good work!

  • I'm very excited about the new version to come out and I wondered if it was a video or not. In looking at the screenshots, which I admit are not the best shots for judging mesh resolution, but Here is my question:

    Is the terrain mesh (that's the part that determines whether the mountain is more rounded or jagged in the sim, right?) the same resolution as in FS9, or has that been improved?

    Also, how long did the speaker need to practice so he could get his craft flying that smoothly for the show? You know someone in a helo on their first time is not that smooth. ;)

    *a toast in your team's honor*


  • Chris:

    Thanks for the toast. :)

    As for your first question, I'm defering most questions about specifics for final feature sets to be published in public, and *everything* I say has to come with the disclaimer that everything is subject to change, and that I promise nothing. :)

    The data set you see in the screens is different than what was shipped in FS9.

    If we show anything in public, it is done with the understanding that we intend to have it look at *least* like that in the shipping title.

    As for the second question:

    A lot of practice.
    A lot.


  • Do clouds cast shadows? Can't clearly see it in screenshots.


  • Al:

    No, there are no cloud shadows shown in the screens released to date.

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