The Wing Fell Off  shows off a few new screens of Over Flanders Fields for CFS3. Looks pretty good! I've always been partial to WWI aerial stuff.

From Rob's blog I worked over to SimHQ, looked for the so called "CFS 4 screens" And THEN read that they'd been pulled.

Rob does point out simhq has had some in depth roundtable discussions:

The Future of Simulations (Series 1)
Part 1:  Staff Discussion   Forum Discussion
Part 2:  Staff Discussion   Forum Discussion
Part 3:  Staff Discussion   Forum Discussion
Part 4:  Editorial    Forum Discussion
Part 5:  Editorial    Forum Discussion

The Future of Simulations (Series 2)
Part 1: Developers Roundtable   Forum Discussion
Part 2: Developer's Roundtable   Forum Discussion
Part 3: Developer's Roundtable   Forum Discussion
Part 4: Developer's Roundtable   Forum Discussion
Part 5: Developer's Roundtable   Forum Discussion

Editorial: We're All Simmers, But What's A Sim?
Forum Discussion

The Future of Our Genre   Editorial  Discussion

I'll need to read 'em.

I used to spend a lot of time cruising simhq, looks like I should get back to doing it regularly.


Found this at simhq,  that I thought was neat (though I find the site design annoying) ...

On the left hand side of the page look for a button marked "downloads" (second from the bottom), which should take you to "movies." Neat video of a virtual aerobatics show...