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New version of X-plane is out, along with some screens. Congrats!


Additional screens (lots of 'em) from


  • Nothing to compare with your Sim......

  • Thank you for your kind words Fabio.

    If you take a look at the screens available,I think that you'll agree X-Plane's come a long way, and that there's a bunch of neat stuff happening in those images.

  • Yes you right , x-plane come long way to look better , but as Fabio said ..still nothing to compare with great Fs..(my god, if only flight modeling could be better in fs )...because of the graphical side is almost perfect..

  • i m a developer .. and i have a question for you... when you develop a new game or new version of it (with future technology) HW manufact give you internal sample or you emulate it .... thanks .....

  • Hi JKc,
    As the (long ago) former HW Compatibility tester for FS, I'll take a stab at answering your question.

    Most major HW manufactures send Microsoft development samples. MS also buys a LOT of hardware for their compatibility lab. Things like video cards and motherboards often get sent to MS, but MS buys much more hardware than is sent. Other hardware like hard drives and sound cards are almost always purchased by MS. OEM (Original Equipment Manufacture) machines from Dell or HP generally don’t get sent, and have to be purchased. As you may imagine, the possible combinations of hardware components is immense, so what MS does is make a list of the best sellers and then uses that list to decide what hardware the lab will use to test Flight Sim and the other MS games against.

    The best way to get a computer that is compatible with any MS game/simulation is to buy the most popular components on the market.

  • JKc:

    Pretty much what Roy said.

    The Windows team probably gets sneak peek hardware regularly. ACES games studios does not, although a few prototypes have come in over the years.

    The team itself works on a mixed bag of systems and cards. My comp/card combo for example, is 3 years old at this point.

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