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1. This thread is from, and is well worth the look. Who woulda thunk?!

2. Still at over at simflight, poster psykie asks about Jumping mountain tops. As several other posters surmise, the issue is indeed one of view distance. The issue happens beacause the sky color behind the mountains and the color of the mountains themselves are different. When the sky cylinder/clip plane comes in contact with the mountains, there's a hard edge, and/or z (depth) fighting (that sort of lined tearing look). To get rid of that effect, we use fog, with the gaol being that the mountains are fogged to the same , or nearly the same, color as the sky, so you never notice the intersections.

Depending on settings (view distance, visibility as set in the weather dialogue, time of day, sky variation, etc), this problem can become more pronounced.

A good deal of this is a side effect of the fact that a) in Flight Sim you have a wealth of variables to play with, and b) we simulate the changing of light over time.

3. Meanwhile, we're still at simflight for poster Hartley, who asks about Desert & Rock Textures, and about figuring out which is which to replace.

There's a table in the Terrain SDK (TerrainTextureNames.doc) that lists all the terrain texture names and the modified Olsen class they map to.

For the most part, desert textures in Flight Sim fall into two classes; 1) those in an area near(ish) the Grand Canyon in the USA, also used in the Australian central desert area, and 2) the rest of the world. It is possible for all textures to interact with a wide variety of textures, but you can be confident that replacing the following will replace ~90% of the desert textures that have a "lepoardy" look:

Textures with the prefixes 002 (for example, 002B2SU3.BMP, or 002C2Wi7.BMP) and 003 are desert and semi desert shrub.

Textures with the prefix 051 (shrub evergreen) are the most lepoardy.

Also potential culprits:

009C (grass and shrub)

027C (mixed forest)

052B or 052C (semi desert sage and hot and mild grasses, if I remember correctly)

Rock textures start with 056

I'm reciting this from memory, so I may have missed a couple. I'll double check tomorrow. In the meantime I hope that helps.



  • Maybe the occasional goose in the next FS? ;D

  • " lepoardy"

    EGAD! FS9 is now generating its own lexicon.LOL


  • I beleive the mountain issue can be solved by having a low resolution buffer mesh in addition to the default or higher resolution mesh, don't quote me on that though but many of the mesh devs include two resolutions (such as Holger S's awesome mesh and landscape freeware addons for BC) to solve issues with mesh in the distance and I assume this is one of them.

  • David,

    The issue you're talking about and the one I'm talking about are two separate issues. The issue (haze) that I'm talking about also presents itself with clouds.

    The issue that you're talking about is different, but may instead be what the poster is talking about. Hopefully between the two of us we've covered it.



  • I have a problem with this haze and fog malarky.  See, I've just installed a Radeon X800 card and cannot get either fog or haze to show, meaning the horizon looks awful.  I know there was an issue with the Radeon 9200 that was fixed by putting the line TableFog=1 in the Display.cfg file, but no such fix for this card.  Folks at MS Support have told me they cannot fix it because the card is newer than FS9.  So I have no haze or fog and far less hair than when I bought the card in the first place.  Any help here?

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