Workin' for the Man part Deux

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In our previous episode of Workin' for the Man, I used a google maps link (see post below). Tonight I got a comment from the Man hisself:

"Dude, how about a MSN maps link instead of Google?" (see comment on post below)

Now, I know I work for Microsoft. But I also follow Scoble's 21 blogging rules. In particular Rule #1 "Tell the truth. The whole truth. Nothing but the truth. If your competitor has a product that's better than yours, link to it. You might as well. We'll find it anyway." and Rule #18 "Link to your competitors and say nice things about them."

I've been using Google's maps for a while now-- and I like 'em. The last time I tried our version I was not impressed. (although I am a HUGE Mappoint fan. I bought Virtual PC for my G5 laptop so I could run Mappoint )

But if there's one thing I try to be and that's a good corporate citizen. So I gave it a try.

Know what?

For this search, Microsoft is wayyyyy better.

Check out the link to Microsoft's Virtual Earth version of the same search for the gravel pit next to our office.

Give it a try. Google's version. Microsoft's version.

Both use the same USGS source image. Microsoft let's you get a gajillion times closer in. Give it a try, and see how close you can get. Pretty nifty, que no? The Google version has a little more contrast, but all in all I prefer the detail offered with the extra zoom.

So to the Man:

Thanks for helping me keep my eye on the ball. In the future with such searches I'll be sure and keep us in mind.

  • I don't know when that image was taken - there are open parking spots!

  • Now if the Microsoft map would just include a marker for the location I searched on...

  • Wow! Your example isn't what surprised me, but I took a look at NW Connecticut. Google just has a bunch of green blobs. Microsoft's version is immensely better! I wonder what the reason for that dramatic difference is? They're not even the same source images like your gravel pit...

  • lol so if so many of the ACES team have Macs, how come we don't have FSX native for OSX? lol ***runs ducks and hides***

    BTW whatever happened to the rumored port to Mac for FS2002?

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