The art team is gearing up to give a tour to the current crop of MVPs interested in what the ACES team is up to.We call these tours artwalks (like a "gallery walk"). In the normal course of development, the team does one artwalk a week, with 2-3 artists showing off what they've done in the last couple of weeks. Today we're doing an all out every artist tour. Should be fun. I love showing off what we're working on. Especially to people who are under NDA. [:)]

Actually, the whole campus is doing stuff for our MVPs---> Major Nelson 


Speaking of MVPs, the folks over at Bungie are bragging, err talking about their space again... To be sure, they sold a lot of copies of Halo, so they probably deserve what they've got, but it's things like that that cause people to write MSFT with a $ sign.

I have to tell ya, that aint what it's like around my neck of the woods.

I work next to a gravel pit.

No, really.