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  • Blog Post: Windows 2008 Clustering & the Cluster Log

      Where is the cluster log in Windows 2008 ? This short answer is its no longer there. On our Windows 2008 cluster node if we navigate to %systemroot%\system32\LogFiles\Cluster your wont find the cluster.log file anymore. Why ? Its been replaced by a much more sophisticated event based tracing system...
  • Blog Post: Cluster node /forcecleanup & Error -2147352567

      This is a not so common issue I can across this week . The background is as follows. You decided to evict a node from your cluster. There is a communication failure between nodes and a warning appears that the cluster was unable to remove clustering components from the evicted node. You log onto...
  • Blog Post: Windows 2003 Print Cluster Troubleshooting – When the spooler bites back

      The print spooler is a temperamental beast at the best of times.  Print servers end up with a whole myriad of drivers, print monitors and print processors.  The more queues and printers there are the greater the potential for problems. Clustering your print server makes sense but it...