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August, 2009

News - Windows Azure kostenlos

Einfach und schnell Software Testen oder Demos ausprobieren? bspw. für Windows Server 2012, SQL Server 2012 oder SharePoint 2013, doch es fehlt die richtige Hardware? Mit Windows Azure Infrastructure as a Service ist das kein Problem mehr. 1,2,3 ist die VM erstellt. Kostenlose Windows Azure Trial Accounts findet man hier:

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  • How to extract WSP Files from SharePoint?

    Hello @all, today I want to publish my tool on MSDN Code Gallery. In the past I found some SharePoint Server were nobody has the customization stored in a separate Storage. This tool " SharePoint Farm Solution Extractor " will extract/download the...
  • Tools

    Here you can find the Tools I provide: MOSS 2007 SharePointFarmSolutionExtractor This tool allows to verify all wsp files installed on SharePoint 2007 Farm. And it allows to download the wsp files from SharePoint Database to hard disk. ...