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First user created mission

First user created mission

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Justin (my office mate and fellow designer) downloaded and flew the first user created mission posted for download called "Transport Stranded Passengers." It's a flight in a DC-3 originating from Moosonee in Canada. I'm not going to give a review of it per se, as there are other users that will surely do that for the community, but I do want to say that I enjoyed seeing Justin flying it and hearing the dialog. Hopefully it will be the first of many to be created.

Great job getting it built and out there!

  • I played it to and even sended the guy an email congratiolating him on a wonderfull mission, i had fun doing the mission and it's definatly something to try. It's gonna be cool if we will see more custom made missions coming out.

  • woohoo MS Aces team have tried my mission.  Hoorah!!! LOL.  Seriously, it's nice to know that you guys actually enjoyed it.  I plan to work on more missions when I get a chance.  My next mission I hope will focus on a bush flight from the docks near Vancouver airport to one lake picking up passengers and moving them to another lake along with their scientific equipement and then flying back to Vancouver.  I'll be using added objects(camp areas, docks and such) and I'll also be using the commands to change the weight in the aircraft.    

    We'll have to see how things work out but I want it to  be much more advanced then my first mission.

  • P-12:

    I am working on creating my first mission. Do you know if there is a way to change the font size or screen location for text messages? Thankss.

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