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Autogen tweak that might help

Autogen tweak that might help

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Many of you have been frustrated that you can't control the density of autogen trees verses buildings because we only have one slider to cover both of them. Some have also been frustrated that our lowest autogen setting is more dense than FS2004 at max density.

If you add these two lines to the [TERRAIN] section of your FSX.CFG, you can define the max number of objects in a terrain cell for trees and buildings independently. The slider will scale down from the numbers you set as the slider is moved to the left. The max tree value in FSX as released is coded to default to 4500 and the building default is 3000 (as shown below) and the absolute max FSX will recognize at all is 6000. Of course if you raise the values beyond the defaults, you will obviously be increasing density and lowering fps (so don't complain if you do this...). The point in sharing this information is that with these settings you can specify what the values are yourself. I had to edit this post because of a bug. Be sure not to set either number to 0 as that will cause problems, but setting it to a very lower number will give you nearly 0 objects.



I hope this is helpful!

  • We (okay not me :) are working on the Gmax stuff right now. It's going to be a bit before we have an exporter that works, but dev is working hard on it!

  • I would like to import some planes to but how do i go about doing that, is there some sort of tutorial that explains how i can het my planes from fs9 into fsx ?

  • i got issue that in the daytime the buildings are white and bridges are white the texture are justnot showing up even the taxiway signs are white works fine in the night i don't know why i got GEforce FX 5200 card

  • Cyber OPs...  I created a new "Aircraft" folder off the main FSX folder (the same structure that FS9 has) and added the new line to the [MAIN] section of the fsx.cfg file.




    THen, I simply copied over the desired aircraft folder into it.  (Of course, you can still copy the folder into the Simobjects\Airplanes)  The advantage is that if you are going to use an autoinstaller, you can point it to the FSX main folder, and it will seek the Aircraft folder in there.

    Your main convern in moving the models over is that you also move any associated gauges and sounds into the proper FSX folder (or check the panel.cfg and sound.cfg to alias the corresponding FSX gauges and sounds.

  • i tried putting my planes in but i got all kinds of messages saying this was designed for fs98 or this was made for fs2004 and that it can't use it or something like that very annoying and there where no sounds also the panel didn;t show correctly, are there any other things i need to change ?

    The thing is im a big cessna fan and i love the older c150, c152 models etc. And since there are no new planes for FSX like those yet i wanted to use the ones i had.

  • Ok i managed to get my fs9 carenado planes in im definatly happy now because they work completely without any problems at all.

  • Might by me but I have the retail deluxe version installed and cannot find an fsx.cfg file on my system. Does this need to be created manually?

  • look in c:\documents and settings\your name\application data\microsoft\fsx

  • you need to set the "show hidden files and folders" in the folder options menu. the problem is Application Data is hidden by default in windows.

  • Could someone go into detail how to do this tweak. I am new to this.  I can not figure wher i put all the lines .   NEED HELP

  • Does any one monitor questions?  I am new to this.  I would appreciate any help

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