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Autogen tweak that might help

Autogen tweak that might help

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Many of you have been frustrated that you can't control the density of autogen trees verses buildings because we only have one slider to cover both of them. Some have also been frustrated that our lowest autogen setting is more dense than FS2004 at max density.

If you add these two lines to the [TERRAIN] section of your FSX.CFG, you can define the max number of objects in a terrain cell for trees and buildings independently. The slider will scale down from the numbers you set as the slider is moved to the left. The max tree value in FSX as released is coded to default to 4500 and the building default is 3000 (as shown below) and the absolute max FSX will recognize at all is 6000. Of course if you raise the values beyond the defaults, you will obviously be increasing density and lowering fps (so don't complain if you do this...). The point in sharing this information is that with these settings you can specify what the values are yourself. I had to edit this post because of a bug. Be sure not to set either number to 0 as that will cause problems, but setting it to a very lower number will give you nearly 0 objects.



I hope this is helpful!

  • Oooh thanks. Going to play with these settings right away. The new blog theme looks nice too. Much easier on the eyes.


  • Even I was having a hard time reading my own blog when I would try to post late at night...

  • Excellent Paul!! :) Just what the doctor ordered.

  • I tried it but the following things started to happen shortly after i added it.

    1. After shutting the engine off and wanted to turn it back on using engine autostart the game crashed with the message that it could not write to memory, the crash was in FSX.exe

    2. The same crash with the same message happened when i was slewing and going back to the normal mode.

    However despite the crashes framerate did go up, but i rather play without the crashes.

    I hope there is a way to tweak FX without getting crashes.

  • Strange about the crashes, I've used those lines at various points in the development cycle with no problems. It will be interesting to see if any other users have similar results.

  • It appears this was left out of the original release mate...



    It really does increase frames.

    Also one of our resident Mods at FS2004.com has managed to apply these changes and is getting fantastic frames throughout!...


    This is all fantastic news.

  • well what i did was put the buildings at 1 and the trees at 0, there where still some trees and all was running fine until i did the following.

    1. After shutting the engine off and wanted to turn it back on using engine autostart the game crashed with the message that it could not write to memory, the crash was in FSX.exe

    2. The same crash with the same message happened when i was slewing and going back to the normal mode.

    Should i not go lower on a certain setting ? I was just trying stuff out offcourse so no harm done but im just wondering if there is a limit to how low you can go.

    Just a strange thing about it not being able to write to memory, after i took those 2 lines out all was running without crashes again.

  • Òk now i have the following and no crash yet but still the question remains is there a minimum limit which if you cross that make the game crash ?








  • Thanks for this info Paul.  It really did the trick for me.


  • What is the purpose of the TEXTURE_BANDWIDTH_MULT=400.  My .cfg is set at TEXTURE_BANDWIDTH_MULT=40

    Should I change mine to 400?

  • you could always give it a go, if it doesnt work for you.. then change it back.

    I think the purpose of this is to more memory to texure loading. if you have quite a bit of RAM it might show an improvement.

    Maybe someone can shed more light on this.

  • I did the following modifications to get 3-10 FPS increase in a system set very high, but not the highest settings.






    Water 2.x low, global=very high, traffic(all types) 30%, 1280x1024x32, using X1900GT/2GB RAM/AMD64 3700+

    Detailed(Seattle) 9-15 FPS on the ground (cockpit/spot)

    At 19K altitude 20-30 FPS in 737-800

    Thanks for the tip

    Dave D.

  • I just spoke with the developer and he looked into the code, found the bug, and the solution is to set the values higher than zero. I'm sorry, he thought it should have worked with zero as well until further investigation indicated otherwise. Maybe a safe minimum would be 10?

  • Thanks for the comeback on that P-12C

  • For some time I've believed that Flight Simulator is really a canvas and toybox for flightsim enthusiasts and developers.  I am now convinced of that.

    I confess that finding out features of FS-X is getting to be more fun that actually flying in it.

    Thanks to Bill Laeming, I got the tip to create a new "Aircraft" folder so I can install my FS9 models.  I can even create new "hangars" for different airplanes - why mix old time props with new tin sausages?  Props can stay in Airplanes.1 or Airplanes.props, as long as FSX.cfg knows where to look for them.

    The aforementioned tips to improve fps have worked on my system - and it's just another splash of paint on my FS canvas to play with now!

    Now to wait for the SDK updates (gmax FS-X scripts) so that I don't have to convince my wife to let me buy 3DSMax....

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