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Sitting in NY

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Here I am sitting in the Delta Airlines lounge waiting for my flight to Madrid. The weather is nasty and we sat in a holder pattern for an hour before getting clearance into JFK. Unfortunately having a fast laptop also means batteries don't last long! I managed to get a little work done on the plane, but not much. Hopefully the767 to Madrid will have power outlets in the seats so I can work longer (the 757 didn't).

I guess it's really hot in Madrid but I am prepared with summer clothes, so it should be okay.

As usual things have been crazy in the office. We are all cramming to get as much done as possible before we start cutting release candidates heading for RTM. Of course we have also been working on getting a great build for Oshkosh (and my trip), plus building the free demo version, etc, etc.

I can happily report we have made good progress on the performance of the sim. I think perf (as we refer to it) has been one of the most concerning issues on the team, and our awesome developers have been doing great things. We still have more to do, but when I hear a developer say they just increased perf 20-30% with one check-in (when new code goes into the sim), it makes me feel better about the whole thing.

I've been cranking on fixing bugs and tuning missions, just as I have been doing for several months. I worked it down to 2 bugs before I left and Brandon will handle those with ease. I recently added emergency vehicles to a mission at Edwards Air Force Base so that they "scramble" to the runway as you're coming in to land. Cool little details like this add a lot to the experience.

Time to change batteries and get the other one charged up.

  • That's great news Paul.
    Have a safe and wonderful trip !!! Hasta la 'vista' !! ;-)


  • Well Paul. I hope you can remember me just a little bit from your Madrid presentacion of FSX. I´m Pedro Aviles, the one in the second seats row that asked you "Paul, are a pilot?"
    I´m a journalist and a member of Simuvuelo, the Spanish Virtual Aeroclub.

    I hope you have had a very good time in Madrid and Valencia and hope you be back soon again to Spain with a little more time to spend.

    Hasta la vista, amigo.

  • Hi Paul,

    there will be a chance to see in Italy the presentation of FSX in future?!?

    Thanks Fabio

  • Nice to hear from you again Aviles. I do remember you, although I wouldn't have been able to recall your name without help :)

  • Karijno, I have no idea whether there will be any presentations in Italy or not. I haven't heard of any, but I'm not normally in that loop.

  • Nice!

    Is't possible for us to watch you presentation on a vid or something? =)

  • As for any video from my presentations in Spain, we didn't do any recording ourselves, but there were several camera crews recording the whole thing for the Spanish media.

    I have no idea of any of it will be released beyond Spain or not (may it already has and I just don't know...)

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